Scenic / Charter Flights

Ramair is a locally owned and operated company based at the Mildura Airport. Ramair holds an Air Operator Certificate (Number C420486-04) which authorises us to provide charter services from Mildura to the destination of your choice within Australia. A competitive quote can be supplied for travel in both single and twin engine aircraft.

Private charter is the time and cost effective solution to reaching destinations not regularly serviced by commercial airlines. After consultation with you a quote will be provided, tailored to meet your requirements. We are committed to providing a service that suits your specific needs.

Benefits of Chartering Your Own Plane

  • Flexibility of departure
  • Avoidance of time consuming security screening
  • No need to arrange connecting flights
  • Can avoid the need for overnight accommodation
  • Provides the opportunity to attend notable sporting events with a minimum of fuss

Charter Aircraft Options

charter charter
Light Single Engine (Piston) Light Twin Engine (Piston)
Suitable for low budget charter operations. Limited to 3 passengers and restricted to fair weather / visual conditions daytime only. An economical charter option. Flights can be undertaken in these aircraft in most weather conditions and at night. Able to carry 5 – 9 passengers.
Cost: generally between $550 – $650 per hour plus expenses, where applicable Cost: generally between $850 – $1,200 per hour plus expenses, where applicable